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Why should you make sure your freight is adequately insured?

With many years of International Logistics experience, it is an important matter for us, as global logistics specialists, to always transport your goods securely and with the utmost care .

However, nothing is guaranteed and incidents may occur during transportation services. Therefore, we always advise our clients to apply an insurance policy against any possible risk.


Risks are beyond our control when it comes to transportation. Various events may result in serious damage or loss

Our Transport Insurance Covers

  • Storms

  • Fire

  • Theft

  • Accidents at sea or road

  • Strikes

  • Unrest

  • Hijacking

Minimize Risks with Transport Insurance

  • Not many customers know that the liability of Logistics Provider is limited or even sometimes excluded in the event of damage. Only damage and loss caused by demonstrable negligence, fall under a financial limited framework.

  • At the same time, damage can increase beyond measures. if a major accident occurs, the damage cost will be prorated on all cargo owners.

  • If you have any inquiry about Transport Insurance Services, our insurance specialist are available to help you.

"We take your Cargo Anywhere in the World"

"We Reach Every Place On Earth"

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